Cabin Girl Designs

About Cabin Girl Designs

18446659_722768297894717_8487266009695208655_nTwo woman supporting woman and spreading love with our handmade custom designs from remnant and scrap boat material. We make a durable everyday bags we call our Throwback out of scrap and cut off Marine grade material that we get from local Boat and Sail canvass shops around town that we work with. We also use a marine grade thread and zipper to really make it an overall durable bag and really enjoy turning something that would usually end up in the trash into an every day use.

CabinGirl is a 33 foot cabin yacht and home to two CabinGirls, Lara & Erin.  CabinGirl Designs began when the  need for an everyday pack that was safe enough and strong enough for boat life. The Throwback emerged and  is made of boat fabric remnants; meaning the fabric that is used to make cushions, biminis, and even the retired sails off boats, all that would end up in a landfill. These remnants are donated to us from local canvas shops. Everyday we play a vital role in helping our community, our earth, and the need for the ultimate pack.