Christopher Diaz-Raluco Notion

When I was just 18 years old I decided to officiate Raluco Notion as a creative free lance brand and service. Given my interest in visual art and how often I partook in creating art growing up, I decided to begin offering my own services in the area of visual arts to the public. However, I knew early on in my company’s establishment that I wanted to learn and grow beyond more than just a traditional artist, so I began to shift my focus toward modern digital arts and other visual media like design, photo and video work in order to expand my horizons.

Raluco Notion is a small business that I conceptualized in 2015 at age 18. So the business itself is young, like me! I currently sell hand drawn art using mixed media. I even offer some Jackson Pollock influenced large scale abstract paintings. Lastly, I am also a photographer and have a wide variety of North Carolina based landscape, seascape, astro-photography and nature/wildlife photography.

I began to teach myself all that I could about each media and offered anything I produced to the public when I had the time to do so in between work and attending college. Until this day I do what I can to provide for myself financially, but if I am being honest with myself… one of the most important things I’ve learned is that creating art in any aspect is what really makes me happy! Furthermore, sharing my interpretations of the world and expressing them through art with others is something that I hold close to myself. I do art to express myself creatively, but I also do it in hopes of accomplishing a goal to bring forth quality creative productions to any and all who seek to improve their unique visual experience.

I am 20 now, but I one day envision being my own boss; working along side other creative individuals and continuing to bring forth quality creative productions of all kinds. As of right now. Raluco Notion is in its early stages of establishment, but as a free lance artist looking to grow, it is my duty to ensure that my own brand and service, Raluco Notion, is continually developing along side its clientele. In time, with production experience, large scale projects will become possible. Nonetheless any and all other productions and services will still meet high expectations until then.