Our Story
I am all about turning Trash into Treasure and making Something from Nothing! Most people discard an item when they don’t want it anymore. This once, strongly desired and loved thing becomes trash in a heartbeat, never to be admired again! I didn’t understand this. Why were these people throwing all of these perfectly useful (not Pretty but Useful) things away?!? I began adopting these items and giving them makeovers. I wanted to bring them back to life, to have them be desired again, and keep them out of our landfills. With all of these items looking beautiful again, I needed an outlet to get them out of my house and back into yours. Thus, ThinkBiG Designs was born. My mediums have changed over the last few years but my focus has stayed the same. I strive to create something from nothing, To find the beauty where others neglect to see it. NATURALLY OBSESSED Since moving to Wilmington, NC I have fallen in love with the beach and am constantly captivated by the beauty of the ocean! My gaze eventually moved from the waves to the sand and where most would see broken seashells, I saw little gems! I started picking them up and for some reason couldn’t stop! This is what I call Naturally Obsessed! I had gathered my weight in sea shells… but for what?!? The sea creatures that once inhabited these shells no longer had a use for them. They had been dismissed just like the “trash” described above. So, why was I so drawn to these broken little shells?… I saw the beauty in what Mother Nature had created and I wanted others to see it too. Thus, came “Naturally Obsessed.” A Jewelry line created from the inspiration of Mother Nature’s discarded items. All shells are handpicked from the Carolina Coasts and incorporated into the Jewelry designs. All pieces are HandCrafted using new and recycled materials – From Trash to Treasure! In the last year ThinkBiG Designs has moved towards trying to make an honest positive change in our community! One small gesture can make all the difference in someone’s day… or Life! Think about it next time you see someone in need.
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