Studio Nine Jewelry – Tammy Stumbo

Straight from Tammy about her and how Studio Nine Jewelry evolved:  “Native New Yorker transplanted to North Carolina, sorry stalkers, no address here 😉 I spent my formidable adult years working in an office out of necessity AND JUST ABOUT DIED OF BOREDOM add that to stress growing up in a small town trapped by drama and too many people who know who you are. Try running out for milk in your lounge pants and NOT running into 2 ex-boyfriends, one nemesis and family wondering if you’re sick or on the crack (hello public in lounge pants) and see if you don’t need a relocation too. One joke about living on Dawson’s Creek later and…

I bummed around Cape Fear Community College ( that tidbit should help my stalkers) taking every art class imaginable. I grew up loving art, working with my hands, creating EVERYTHING. I landed in Metalsmithing classes and it was like I had never known anything else. I have taken a few classes, watched tons of videos and devoured books to learn my craft. Who are we really kidding? I have fucked up more than I have achieved that, is how I’ve learned.

I design for those who desire to adorn themselves with things not found on the beaten path.  I love, LOVE that the objects we cherish have lifespans beyond our own, that we are a small part of it’s life and it will live on again and again, which is why I try and incorporate reclaimed, vintage and found objects in my work almost exclusively. Why buy wood when I can slice up a branch that has fallen, why buy leather when I can shred an old jacket? I also derive power from recycling. 99% of my work is made from recycled metals. I melt down and recycle all my sterling silver from scrap metal and sterling finds that need new life. All of these things make each one of my pieces 100% one of a kind which means you can say NA NA NA NA NA NA, YOU CAN’T HAVE ONE,  ITS MINE ALL MINEEEEEEEEEEEE! And do a little spoiled brat dance, because really, you can!

For the people who need to have grabby hands on the personals….I am addicted to caffeine, craft beer,and cheeseburgers. I collect postcards, July 4th, Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays, in that order. I love horror movies, almost every show on The CW, vinyl, Mumford and Sons, live music, the deeper meaning of song lyrics, my dogs, my kids and my husband.”


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