Jen McRae – McRae Design

Jen McRae has been working on her skills as an artist and designer when she fell in love with art in college, after being encouraged by her mom to explore her artistic side. Originally a museum exhibition designer and marketing director, Jen blends her love of history and modern art into a unique union expressed through vintage paper, fluid art and collage.

Her foundation in interior and graphic design has allowed her to visualize and explore simple shapes to introduce whimsy to this marriage. She has branched out from detail and precision to unexpected, uncontrolled fluid art that brings a unique blend to her art.

Jen owns a studio, located in Scotland County, where adults and kids can discover their inner artist. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing the confidence and excitement generated through her workshops and classes. Check out her website at

Her jewelry pieces are each unique and one of a kind pieces that are like little pieces of art for your ears. Each pair of earrings starts as a painting, she carefully selects matching patterns and moments to craft the earrings. They are highlighted with semiprecious, wooden and metal beads.

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