Cristina Nogues – Fe Rius

Fe Rius infuses emotional weight on her art by developing physical and expressive tension through the textures, shapes and colors of the materials with which she creates her pieces, which seem to be in a state of metamorphosis, frozen in timelessness.
This melding of the common and the spiritual is rooted in the rich life experiences of a true global trotter who, from her childhood in Barcelona was surrounded by art, and driven by the desire to know other cultures. Her transit across 2 continents and through the world of the hospitality industry, social activism, education and the healing arts, has added to the baggage from which Fe draws to materialize her flights of imagination. A self-proclaimed life-long learner she continues exploring and growing as an artist through a variety of workshops and courses given by professionals in diverse media.
Fe arrived in Wilmington in 2015, and currently balances her work as middle school teacher with a budding career as a local artist. So far, she has shown her mirrors at Tidal Creek Cooperative, the Cameron Art Museum, I Heart Art and It’s All Art festivals in Leland.