Kimberly Meacham – Milk Street Soap Company

Big bubbles, shower blooming essential oil blends, skin nurturing premium oils!  We handcraft rich soaps, scrumptious butters & powders and green living products for baby, family and home.  Meticulously sustainable handcrafting loves skin radiance!  Born to answer our own family’s challenges, a healthy, happy toddler with skin issues, Milk Street Soap Co. started humbly in our Island kitchen and has grown into a thriving family business.


Milk Street Soap Co. is a well loved, fast growing, family owned, handcrafted soap company on The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our small bubble factory is located on the southern, most primitive village of the Island chain on Ocracoke Island, USA. Inspired by the extraordinary, waterfront town we belong to, we believe in the magic of majestic natural beauty, strong local communities, honest premium products and deeply satisfying relationships. We believe in the synergy of feeling, looking and doing your best!

We craft our bars and green living products in small, fresh batches, using only the most luxurious and meticulously sourced Earth Conscience ingredients; organic, sustainable, fair trade, animal friendly & honoring, and biodegradable. Everything counts in our bar, even the wrappers are post consumer and the ink compost-able.

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