Tracey Walton – Tracey Lenn’s Studio

Art is often used as an outlet, both by the creator and the observer. I aspire to create that outlet for others through my work.

I am a born and raised eastern NC girl. Originally from Greenville, I now call Wilmington home and I absolutely love it. I have discovered my passion for art in the past few years. My background is in Theater and the creative progression just happened. I wasn’t able to be on stage and I needed some kind of creative outlet that would fill that void, so I turned to art. I started with acrylic and have moved through mixed media of all types; watercolor, modeling paste, and my new love resin! I don’t think I really have a style, I just do what I love and I think that really comes through in my work.
Since I put so much of myself into each piece, I tend to get a bit emotionally attached to my work. It sounds cheesy, but a little piece of me goes with each one of my paintings.

Through my art I’m trying to show my love for art and NC and different expressions of what that means to me. I want other people to be able to see the beauty of North Carolina and be just as in love with this state as I am.

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