Marlene McDonald – Marlene McDonald, Inc.

In late 2006 a lampworking class in the local YMCA course catalog caught Marlene McDonald’s attention.  The idea of making beads out of glass rods melted in a jet of flame appealed to her.  Apparently painting, her previous medium of choice, wasn’t dangerous enough.  When the class was cancelled Marlene sought out the instructor (Chris Fisher, and arranged private lessons.  Within weeks, Marlene had purchased her own torch and set up a tabletop workshop in her basement.

Thus began an odyssey of experimentation, hard work and dedication that continues today.The end product of all that time on the torch was, of course, beads.  Lot of beads.  In the beginning small and simple ones.  Later, large and complex ones.   Then, with her move to coastal North Carolina in late 2007, mermaids, sea shells, and other nature inspired themes became her passion.  It then quickly became obvious to Marlene that she couldn’t just make beads – she had to do something with them.  And, since beads are always at their finest as items of personal adornment, jewelry-making was the natural answer.

And so, Marlene’s beads have found a happy home in the fine sterling jewelry she makes.  She hopes you like what you see on her website, and invites you to contact her with your questions or comments.  She will post her new beads and finished pieces so please check back frequently.

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