Daisy Faith – Daisy Faith Art

Painter, color lover and striped shirt collector!

After over a decade in California pursuing the arts I’m happily back in North Carolina (hello humidity, old friend) to pursue my painting full time. I experienced the glitz and glam of Hollywood and did some acting work in some notable TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, Conan & Days of Our Lives) but after a few years the shininess wore off. So I transitioned to my lifelong love of painting and became a small business owner & painting teacher in Redondo Beach, CA. I owned and operated the successful paint and sip studio for a couple years after working there there for about 2 years and transformed the business into an all ages studio offering a variety of classes from multi-week adult classes to kid events to paint your pet classes to our signature sip and paint nights. This was a blast but I wanted more! I wanted to chase the rainbow! After selling my paintings more and more consistently over the years I hatched a plan to move back to NC with fiance and dog in tow to be able to create more and fulfill the dream of being the owner of my very own bungalow. I’m now back in Wilmington house hunting, enjoying the beach and embarking on a ‘100 Day Project’ where I will be painting 100 paintings over 100 days starting July 1st, 2019. My intention in these paintings is to express the joy I feel for being back home with all the vivid colors of the rainbow.

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