Christof M. Maupin (Past Present Arts & Crafts)

Artist Statement

I work in both hand built and wheel thrown ceramics, sometimes combining ceramic with other materials, as well as in enamel jewelry and objects, and sometimes printmaking. With a background in archaeology and art history, I find my work frequently influenced, sometimes in the most subtle ways, by the distant past.
It has been my experience that the process of human artistic expression always draws somehow upon the visible past. It unites humans across continents and across time in profound ways that are much stronger than the differences revealed. One need only look at the commonalities in what human beings have created over the past several thousand years to experience this unity.
My work has been exhibited in many shows, fairs and galleries in the Wilmington, NC area and I maintain a strong online presence.
I’m originally from Northern California and have been living in north Carolina since 2012. I am employed by Cape Fear Community College as the Studio Technician for Ceramics in the Fine Arts Department.

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