Andrew Wilkie Fredrickson DBA Andrew Wilkie, Andrewland Studios (.com)

Andrew has been drawing caricatures for 20 years, professionally. He has a unique ability to not only get a good likeness of his customers, but he also entertains them with thoughtful, witty banter.

Andrew learned caricature in a theme park setting in Minnesota and has worked both on the street as a street artist, as well as in other retail situations in MN, TN, FL, LA, and now NC.

His materials are graphite pencils and (non toxic) acrylic paint which he airbrushes (with CO2 as a propellant, meeting noise, health, and fire codes).

Andrew is also an accomplished fine artist creating custom artwork for a number of repeat clients as well as new customers. You may also find him painting live at corporate parties or wedding receptions.

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